Monday, June 2, 2008

Tantrums and Potty Training

Well, this weekend we went down to Provo to visit my parents. My brother Steve was in town with his wife Corie. Well, Steve was SORT of in town. He was taking two of his boys to Lake Powell for some male bonding, so we all hung out with Corie while he was gone. It was a good trip, except for Marissa's night time screaming fits. She woke up in the middle of the night both Friday and Saturday just screaming away, and no one would do but MOMMY!!! Well, it just so happens that one of those times she woke up I was nursing Trent and couldn't hold her. Oh my goodness, talk about screaming bloody murder. Ben took her to another room and let her scream herself out before she came back in, sweet as could be, and climbed in bed with me and fell asleep.
Sometimes I don't get Marissa. This morning she came into my bedroom at 6:45am hollering away and when I asked her what was wrong she wouldn't tell me. So I ignored her and let her have her tantrum. Ends up, she must have needed to go potty and instead of saying anything she simply screamed her head off on the floor and proceeded to pee her pants on the carpet. Joyous. I mean she could have just said "potty" instead, but NOOOOOOO. Ah well, maybe someday she'll mellow out.

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Tag and Tracy said...

Tag your it! Yes, I have two Shelly's on my list but since you are new to blogging I think you should have to do it. My sister in law, Shelly, informed me that she too has not yet been "tagged" so I think you are both are it. :)