Monday, December 10, 2012

We're still alive

We're still alive over here. We have just been enjoying the holiday season.  We went to Thanksgiving at my parent's house in Provo.  We came home on Thanksgiving night due to hubby needing to work Friday.  Since then we have gone to a Christmas parade, visited Temple Square, watched lots of Christmas Movies, listened to lots of Christmas music, decorated the house, made a couple of goodies, and a few other things.  The kids have made an advent chain, some ornaments, paper snowflakes, and a few other decorations. 
For our Christmas School we are doing the countdown found here at Chocolate on my Cranium.  We also have a family Advent calendar with a scripture and song for every night.  Oh, and we also started using Sundays and Mondays to do the devotionals found in A Christ Centered Christmas
We have been enjoying our holiday and have a lot more fun plans for the next couple weeks before we celebrate Christmas Day!!!!!