Monday, September 21, 2009

The Last Straw

So, I have invested in a treadmill. I stepped on the scale the other day and the number was so depressing to me that I knew I needed to do something! The issue was HOW?! 1) Trying to exercise with 3 kids in tow during the day is not effective to say the least. 2)I can't afford a gym membership. 3) I don't like the thought of going out to exercise early in the morning when it's dark, or late at night when it's dark because it's scary and there's always weather issues. So, I decided that having a treadmill would be ideal for my circumstances. I went on KSL to check out what was available and then posed the proposition to Ben. He thought it was a great idea so I went back on to SERIOUSLY look and a miracle happened. Just as I logged on the second time a brandnew post had been put up, like 10 minutes before. A couple was moving and coudln't take the treadmill with them so they were selling it extra cheap. So, for $60 I now have a Nordic Track Treadmill that works great and I've already worked out on twice. It's nice to know that I can exercise when I want to and not worry about the kids since they can just watch TV while I work out. I'm excited to lose weight and stop being the "fat" one. And special thanks to Nana and Pa for paying for the treadmill!!! What great parents in law I have!!!