Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hike from.....

We decided to try out hiking today. It hadn't rained since morning and it was nice and pleasant outside, if a bit cloudy. So we packed up the kids and headed out to find our first hike. We looked in our hiking book and chose a nice easy hike that was a 1/2 mile loop and advertised that it was wheelchair accessible (thus stroller friendly). Um......lets just say that the heavens did NOT smile upon us and the book must be out of date. We found our hiking spot ok, no problem there. Check. We got the kids out of the car and Trent into the stroller. Check. We began our hike. Check. We saw three paths........ummmm....NO check. The "loop" was supposed to be the right and middle paths, with the left path going to a look out. We only saw one path as we problem. We probably just had to get to the right spot. A bit further in we DID find 3 paths! Check! The right one leads in a loop back to the middle. We took the right path and had a great time. THEN it started raining....well not TOO bad. We'd already walked about 1/4 of a mile so the loop was going to loop back around pretty soon right? NO CHECK!!!! The path just kept going, and going, and going. The rain started coming harder, and faster, and faster. Finally, we faced the truth after walking about 1/2 mile.....the path was NOT going to loop back around to the middle path. We turned around and headed back the way we had come. By this time, we were all pretty much wet, the trail was muddy, and the rain started coming harder and faster. We FINALLY made it back to the car, sopping wet, but laughing. Audrey said it was a bad idea to go hiking at one point....but lets look a little closer here. Did we get out of the house? Check. Did we do something as a family? Check. Did anyone get hurt? Nope. Did everyone have a fun time? Check. Even hurrying down the trail in the down pour we were laughing and singing "The Ants Go Marching." So, I guess over all, our first disastrous hike was....well, a SUCCESS!!! We all came home, got warm baths, ate dinner, and watched a movie. Guess it was a pretty good day afterall.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Time is Here!!!

Yay! It's summer time! Time for pools, and sprinkers, camping, hiking, and all manner of fun! Here's just a quick look at what our family has planned. I'm excited to go letterboxing more over the next few months. We're planning on going to visit some ghost towns in Utah. There are 3 camping trips planned, which I'm really excited about since we didn't go at all last year! We got some fun day trip ideas from a book called "Fun with the Family in Utah." We also plan on checking out some great hikes with the kids this summer. All this in addition to a few trips to the pool, plenty of hours spent in the sprinklers, lots of cook outs on the grill, stake co-ed softball, and the fun holidays! What does YOUR family have planned????