Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Time is Here!!!

Yay! It's summer time! Time for pools, and sprinkers, camping, hiking, and all manner of fun! Here's just a quick look at what our family has planned. I'm excited to go letterboxing more over the next few months. We're planning on going to visit some ghost towns in Utah. There are 3 camping trips planned, which I'm really excited about since we didn't go at all last year! We got some fun day trip ideas from a book called "Fun with the Family in Utah." We also plan on checking out some great hikes with the kids this summer. All this in addition to a few trips to the pool, plenty of hours spent in the sprinklers, lots of cook outs on the grill, stake co-ed softball, and the fun holidays! What does YOUR family have planned????


The Crandall Clan said...

Hey you forgot to mention the best part of this summer. I AM COMMING!!! We leave July first and the kids andI are staying until Aug 13th most likely

Curtis & Elise said...

That sounds like fun. We hope to go camping quite a bit too. I'm totally jealous of softball!!! The only sport our stake does AT ALL is men's basketball. Lame.

Amy E said...

For our family we have play practice and the play is the beginning of August, also have out-of-state family coming this month, as well as swimming nearly everyday (once it's hot enough) at my parents' pool!! Yay! (Also hoping Stephen will start a new job in the next week or two or three...)