Friday, January 14, 2011

My Little Boy Turns 3!!

The days have gone so fast. It seems like not too long ago that I was bringing home my brand-new baby boy. Now he is a big (LITERALLY) 3 year old!
Trent had a good birthday. We asked everyone (a whopping 3 families) to bring a pack of underwear for the little man. Plans are underway for potty training! He runs out of diapers this weekend, and the "fun" will commence. He was very excited about all his new underwear. He got Spiderman, Toy Story, Sports Balls, a Variety Disney pack, and Cars.
He also got some Toy Story toys that he absolutely adores. He carries them around the house with him. It's pretty cute.
His BIG gift from mom, dad, and sisters was a new bike! His tricycle AND his scooter got ran over last summer, WHILE ON THE GRASS, so he got a new scooter for Christmas and his new bike for his b-day. He loves to ride them in the kitchen. I have the feeling he's going to be VERY active this summer...but that will be good since I'll have a new baby and being active will keep him occupied!
All in all, Trent had a very good third birthday. I can't believe he's so big though!!!!!