Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow! Can I say, long time no see?! I seem to have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. Much of that is thanks to facebook. But some people don't have for all of you out there that care to read this here is our life!
Audrey finished up kindergarten in great style. She has lately discovered that she DOES like to read. I have to comb the easy reader shelves in the library for books easy enough for her but she enjoys reading them and is SO proud of herself. She recently lost her 3rd tooth thanks to cousin Adrian who pulled it out for her.
Marissa FINALLY learned how to sleep through the night. Yes, she's 4. We have some night waking but it's much rarer than every night! She is very excited to learn to read. She likes to pretend that she can read the books Audrey does. Hopefully we'll have her ready to start reading next summer!
Trent is a crazy and zany two year old. He LOVES his pjs and is nearly impossible to get out of them. He also loves flip flops which he calls "flops." Daddy accidentally took off with them in the car the other day and we had a meltdown over "FLOPS!!!!" He is nearly as big physically as Marissa now. He's getting better at talking every day and is quite hilarious. The other day he fell off the end of a slide into the dirt and proceeded to tell us all about it by saying: "Slide! Boom!! Dirt. Clothes."
Ben is still looking for a better job. His current, well, a job. That's about all that can be said for it. Hopefully we will be blessed in the near future with a better suited job for him.
I am happily plugging away as a stay at home and stoking my favorite hobby: homeschooling. I have next years curriculum all planned out and am just starting to get it all assembled and ready for the year. I teach piano and clarinet lessons on the side to help a bit with money. That's about all going on here.
We are excited for my (Shelly's) family reunion next week and have some fun activities planned for the summer like camping and swimming and letterboxing.
Life is good. Hard, but good.