Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Campers and a Trip to the Lake

Here are some highlights from our most exciting adventures this summer.

Aspen campground
We went camping with Grandma and Grandpa Pratt to a campground in the lower Uintah's called Aspen. It was near Hanna, Utah. The kids had a blast. They found a giant hill of sand that they spent most of their time playing in. We took LOTS of walks around the camp ground to keep the kids happy. The kids had a blast playing with Grandpa. They played frisbee and catch. Trent especially loved the fact that he was OUTSIDE all the time!

Spring Hollow Campground
So our friends and us went camping on (what we HOPE to make) our Annual camping trip. We tried out a new campground up Logan Canyon because it was the only one with an open reservation over the 24th of July. We didn't know what to expect, but just hoped for the best. It ended up being GREAT!! Our camp site was PERFECT for our two families. It had plenty of places for our tents, it was near the bathroom and the water, and it had a raised fire pit. There were a couple of creeks running through the campground, one of which that flowed right over the road. The kids had a BLAST playing in the water there. Audrey asked to go play in the water about a million times every day. There were also multiple hiking trails that left right from the campground. There was fishing available too. While we were there we even saw a "parade"! Well...a parade of rescue vehicles. A hiker had fallen off a trail that was above our campground and a bunch of rescue vehicles "paraded" right past our camp site on their way to the scene. Trent was REALLY hard to keep track of on this trip because it was so woody around our site. We survived though. All the kids had a blast.

Pineview Reservoir
Yesterday we went to the beach. Well the beach of the lake. lol. We went with two of our family friends. My friend Jen brought her three kids, and my friend Megan came with her family. All the kids had so much fun playing in the water. We took picnic lunches and just chilled for a few hours. Audrey had so much fun playing around with her friends Jacob and Dakota and "riding" on Dakota's dad as he pretended to be a dolphin. Marissa put on some water wings that had been stashed in the bottom of our pool bag for AGES and was amazingly brave! She LOVED the water wings! Trent loved playing in the sand and sitting in the water. Unfortunately, I got sunburned, though I'm not sure HOW that happened, as I put sunscreen on before I left and we were only out for about 2-3 hours!! Go figure! Anyway, the time came for me and Jen to take the littles home for naps and Audrey got to stay and play a while longer with Dakota. She was THRILLED.

Well, there you have out 3 most exciting summer adventures. What's your family done?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Much Needed Update

Gosh, it's been forever! Things have been plugging along in our house this summer. We have gone camping twice. Both times were a lot of fun, although keeping track of Trent was VERY stressful. We were looking forward to the ward camp out only to find out it's been cancelled. What a gyp. There really hasn't been a lot of note going on. For the Fourth of July I (Shelly) rode on a pirate ship float with the Clearfield Community Band and played music from Pirates of the Carribean. We had a BBQ that day and played in a concert that evening. We built a giant fort/tree house in the back yard for the if only we could find sand to put in the bottom of it to make a huge sand box. I'm waiting for all my boxes of homeschool materials from the Virtual Academy that Audrey is enrolled in for Kindergarten. The kids play in the spinklers a lot. Ok, so this is a really boring post and I better stop while I'm ahead! Just thought I'd post and let people know I'm not dead, although I have sort of fallen off the blogging band wagon due to lack of intersting Oh well.....