Saturday, February 18, 2012

I suppose I should post SOMETHING

Not a lot has been going on around here.  Life has been usual.  Maybe ya'll would like to see what my daily schedule looks like....or at least the GOAL of said daily schedule.  If you don't care, then don't read it, at least it's SOMETHING to post.  lol.
The goal for a typical day in the Stephen household is this:
7am  Mom wakes, shower, feed Breanne breakfast, tidy up my room, and then take a few minutes computer time if there is time.
8am  Kids wake (we are working on the goal of them waking, making beds, and dressing before coming's a long slow road), Make and eat breakfast, Kitchen chores.
9am Morning Devotional,
9:30am Bree goes down for her morning nap.  One on one rotations:  Audrey goes first with mom and gets 75 minutes to do Reading, Math, and English.  The other two kids play.  Then she does her individual school which consists of Typing, piano practice, Faith in God and handwriting depending on if it got done during English or not. 
While Audrey starts on her individual school I work one on one with Trent, which usually only takes about 15 minutes.
Then it's on to one on one school with Marissa.  She gets 45 minutes to do Reading and Math with mom.
Sometime around 11am is when Baby wakes up, so when Audrey is done with all of her school she gets out Bree and plays with her while I work with Marissa.
11:30  Lunch, clean up, and play time.
12:30 Bree school (I just put a bunch of activities to do with Bree in a jar and the kids each pick one to do with her) followed by Science or History.
1:30ish  Chore time.  Each kid has 4 chores (an upstairs, a downstairs, and two kitchen).  Mom does Laundry, helps Trent, makes bread, plans school, makes menus and grocery lists, ect. 
2pm or whenever chores are done is free time.  Bree is usually down for a nap around now.  The kids can use media coupons here to watch tv, play computer games or wii, or watch a movie.  They can play with toys, board games or outside.  Mom gets to blog, read other blogs, facebook, read, or whatever I so desire. 
4pm  Mom is usually getting dinner ready, feeding Bree her dinner, and making sure the house is ready for daddy to come home.
5pm  Dinner then kitchen chores
6pm  Family time
8pm Bedtime for kids

Well, there you have it, the typical day over here.  I should note that during bedtime we read aloud chapter books to the kids.  This is a great bonding time for us, it helps the kids settle down, and it's recreating one of my fondest childhood memories of my brother reading chapter books to me at my bedtime.