Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How NOT to Make Rock Candy

1.  Decide to make Rock Candy in the fall, on the week the weather decides to turn.
2.  Put 8 cups of water and 8 cups of sugar into your second largest pot.  Realize that it is already fairly full but refuse to pour it into the largest pot on grounds of dirtying another dish. 
3.  Bring your mixture to a boil, then attempt to add 8 cups more sugar.  Run out of space and decide it is sugary enough and be done with it.
4.  Pour your syrup into jars and add food coloring.
5.  Prepare your skewers by wetting them, rolling them in sugar, then allowing to dry.
6.  Place your completed jars in a window.
7.  Realize there isn't enough sugar in your syrup, and try adding some by just stirring it in.
8.  Realize that is not working and microwave each jar to help the sugar dissolve better.
9.  Put your skewers back in, but don't roll them in sugar again.
10.  Realize that the skewers have NOTHING growing on them.  Take them out and reroll in sugar, but put them back in before they dry.
11.  Have the same problem as in setp 10.  Pull them out, wipe them down, and wait for them to dry.  12.  Put the skewers back in, with high hopes that NOW it will all work.
13.  Wait for days, and realize your candy really isn't going to grow. 

In other news....Audrey finished her 100 picture books/chapters challenge and is moving on to her second one.  This time her challenge will be to read 100 Chapters.

And blogger has been crazy on my computer for the last week and refusing to let me even SEE my new post page, so this is all you get for this week even though I had grand plans of posting pictures, and doing multiple posts. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A week off isn't all it's cracked up to be.....

The title says it all.  We are only 3 days into our weeklong fall break and I am ready for school to start back up!!! 
Don't get me wrong, we needed the break to avoid burnout.  It's just that our days seem so much LONGER, full of so much more TIME to fill!  There is more whining about boredom, and constant asking if friends are home from school yet.  The kids get into more taking Trent's mattress off the bed, dragging it over by the bunk beds and jumping off the top bunk onto the mattress.......yeah. 
There have been some great things about this week though.
I appreciate how much faster our days go when we are schooling. 
I was able to learn about essential oils and get help with my asthma thanks to them. 
I was also able to do a playdate with one of my favorite friends, a fellow homeschool mom, that just had a baby. hasn't been a BAD week, just a LONG one.  I will be very ready to start school back up on Monday.  I just need to survive the next 2 days!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random Ramblings

1.  First off, don't hate me.  I forgot to take pictures of our Volcano!!!  I know, I know.  It was really cool though! 

2.  I had a very proud Mom moment this week.  Audrey accidentally broke a neighbor's car window.  That brave little girl, first went and confessed to the owners, then came home and confessed to Mom what she had done.  She was so heartbroken, upset, and embarrassed.  I felt so bad for her.  Since the neighbors only speak spanish we had to wait for Ben to return home to discuss reparations.  I am so proud of her for IMMEDIATELY doing the right thing!!!! 

3.  This was our last week of schooling before our fall break.  We get next week off.  We will use the week to have fun, deep clean, and relax. 

4.  Our General Conference bags were a HUGE hit.  The kids are loving the treats and activities.  I am loving how quiet they are being and how well they are listening to our church leaders.  This will become a new tradition for us. 

5.  I am baby hungry.  I am feeling jealous of all my friends that have just given birth, are about to give birth, or have just announced pregnancies.  I know there is another spirit that will join our family, I just don't know when.  I am anxious for the new little one to bless our family.  God willing, it will be soon. 

That's about it for this session of random ramblings.  Hope you enjoyed it.