Monday, June 16, 2008

A Week in Review

Ok, so here's the scoop on what happened last week.
1. We went bowling as a family for the first time. We took pics, but they're all on Ben's blackberry so we'll have to wait for him to load them on. We went with our friends the Hess's. We all had a great time. The nicest thing was that this bowling alley is $1.50 for shoes and $1.50/game before 5pm every day. So we went bowling for $12!!!! That's 4 people for that price. Unfortunately, we forgot to specifically inform Audrey that you cannot run down the alley chasing a ball. When she did just that, I yelled for her to come back and scared her. THAT sent her into a melt down and she spent the last 10 minutes sitting in a cool-down chair while Marissa bowled her (Audrey's) last frame. She'll learn.

2. We went swimming for the first time this summer. It FINALLY warmed up enough for us to go to the pool, so last weekend we went to use our season passes for the first time. Ben, howered did not get to participate except in taking pictures (again all on his blackberry) and watching Trent on the sidelines. You see, as I was packing up all our stuff I thought Ben's swim trunks looked a little off. So I checked them out and found that they had NO elastic left in the waist band. Since it was time to go, and the girls didn't want to wait, Ben just sat out and we got him new trunks later that night.

3. We attended Members Only Zoo Night on Thursday with the Hess's. The highlight of the trip was riding the new carousel that opened up. It worked out perfectly that the time it took everyone to wait in line and then ride the carousel was the same amount of time it took me to feed Trent. I had to get creative though. I forgot to bring a bowl to mix Trent's rice cereal in. Luckily I had put the dry cereal and formula into a plastic baggy. So I poured some water in, squished it around to mix it and then tore a hole in one corner. I then proceeded to squeeze it out like frosting into a plastic spoon. It worked pretty well.

4. On Friday we headed to Ben's parents house for a mini-reunion. It was his parent's 40th wedding anniversary and Cameron and Ruth were in town from Texas. We headed down and so did Duncan with his girlfriend Stacy and her two girls Carly (10) and Shelby (6). (We really hope that things go far with Dunc and Stacy because we REALLY liked her and the girls). On friday evening we all headed down the Thanksgiving point for the Scottish Festival. The funnest part was listening to the bands while the kids all danced around in the middle of a large field. On Saturday morning we headed to Kiddie Kandids for family pictures. That was NOT so fun as both my girls refused to eat breakfast and then proceeded to whine, pout, scream, and cry that they were hungry. We survived. Then it was home for some downtime before heading down town to catch a Bee's baseball game. Then Ben and I packed up and headed back to Ogden.

It was a packed, yet fun filled week and this week is shaping up to be more of the same. At least we're not bored!!!

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Matchbox Mom said...

Sounds like a ton of fun...and my kids are DYING to come play!!