Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finally Caught

I FINALLY got Trent to smile long enough for me to take a picture of his smile! He's actually laughing, but that's better than nothing. Our camera has a delay between when you push the button and when it actually takes the picture. It's always a suprise to see what comes out because you don't know if the kids moved, or stopped smiling when the pic was actually taken. He's five months old now and just a joy. He's almost always happy and will just play by himself for hours. What a good little man! Enjoy the picture of Sir Spits-a-lot, Dude, TrenTON, Mount Vesuvius, or whatever else you call him.


Matchbox Mom said...

Soo cute!

bkjcrandall said...

Michelle, Trent is so cute. I love the smile. He totally looks like the girls. I cant wait to see him this summer. Yep we ARE comming in July. We need ot get together.


Tag and Tracy said...

Very cute!!! By the way, great ideas on the monster issue. We are going to watch Monster's Inc. tonight.

Derrill said...

I like big smiles
And I cannot lie.
You other mothers
Can't deny
When a baby walks in
With a great smile
you say, "awwwwww"

Thanks for your comments to Joy. As you will discover, blogspot happily send you an email with every comment, so it popped up in my inbox. Thanks, friend. Joy appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

I love the little baby smiles and laughs! super cute.