Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ok, this story started out pretty normal. Audrey was putting on some of her "Makeup" that she'd gotten for Christmas. Well, then Marissa wanted in on the action, so Audrey was being a good big sister and walking her through how to put the makeup on. That's when it got interesting. Here is what I found when I came back into the room.

Apparently my children had decided to become clowns. Not only that, but somehow painting their legs with lipgloss seemed like a good idea. Following are some lovely pictures of each of the girls. This picture, however is the best picture of Marissa's leg. It was completely painted purple by the end, but when she stood up, her capri bottoms covered it. Lucky for me. It's all over the inside of her pants now. :)
As you can see, Audrey was pretty in pink? Her cheeks, arms, and legs were covered in lipgloss.

I didn't have the heart to stop them, and secretly I was egging them on because I was hoping all the makeup would get used up and that we'd have to throw it away.

I guess this is what I get for telling them that after they made themselves all "pretty" I'd take their pictures!!!

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Tag and Tracy said...

Awesome!!! You will be so glad you have those pictures when they are dating and you really want to embarrass them! I love it!!! Lily has gotten into some of my makeup but it has never turned out as good as your girls.