Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Day

Today was a special day for Audrey. It was her graduation day from preschool.
She had a great time. They did a really cute program where they sang a bunch of songs for us. There were songs about counting, shapes, colors, and other things. I was so proud of her, especially since she finally overcame her stage fright and actually particitpated in the program DURING the program instead of two hours later!!

Here is Audrey with her Teacher, Brooke Malan. Audrey loves Brooke tons. We used to be in the same ward together when we first moved to Ogden. Brooke did a great job with the kids this year and I'm excited for Audrey to go back again next year, since she misses the deadline by a couple days to start Kindergarten.

Here is Audrey with a couple of her Preschool Pals. She's with Dawson and Olivia before the program began. It was a great day. We celebrated afterward by taking her to McDonald's with her friend Matthew who also went to school with her.


Matchbox Mom said...

yeah! Go Audrey!!!
I can't wait til Josh goes with ya next year!!!

Amy E said...

How cute! I wish Eloise could go to a preschool. I think she could really benefit from it. I don't know where there is one around here that isn't linked to some church. We'd rather she go to one where she won't hear things about religion that we don't follow, ya know? The only non-denom one I know is at the high school "Career center" where I'm told they don't learn much..just play...who wants to pay for that?? *argh* I think I'm going to put her in dance classes this fall though. She missed the school deadline as well and needs some socialization! Anyway, thanks for the pics and update! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Tell Audrey we love her tons.
You are right about politcally incorrect. Try Disadvantaged Domestic Person or DDP which rhymes with

Cody & Melanie said...

Yea! Good job Audrey! She is such a great girl Shell! She gets it from her mama!! I'm proud of you too!! Welcome to blogging! Even though your right up the road I still love to see pics!