Friday, September 2, 2011

Butterfly Fly Away

 Our first science project for the year went really well.  We watched caterpillars turn into butterflies.  The kids were all super excited the day our kit arrived.  Here is Audrey (above) with our new little caterpillars.  You probably can't see just how tiny they are, but trust me, they were small.  Then they grew like nothing else!!!  That book about the Hungry Caterpillar really is true!  Those caterpillars ate, and ate, and ate and within days had more than doubled in size!
 Then they started turn into Chrysalides (yes, that's the correct term for more than one Chrysalis...who knew?)  It was CRAZY to watch.  The caterpillars would hang upside down and then start "dancing" while they turned into a chrysalis.  Weird. 
 Audre watned her picture taken with the there is it.  lol
About a week later we had butterflies!!  Beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.  All 6 of our caterpillars turned into butterflies.  After observing them for a couple of days we released them.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of that.  One of the butterlies had a torn wing and didn't take off as quickly as the others.  Audrey and Marissa were able to hold it on their fingers and get up close and personal with it before it too flew off.  It was a great project for my kids.  I think next year we'll see what happens with Lady bugs!!!!


Lynette said...

Dang. I missed a good project with the kids when we studied animals last year. Maybe next year?? I like that the kit comes with everything you need!

Nana said...

Love the pictures.