Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First REAL day of Co-op

Today was the first day of doing our co-op activities.  We met last week, but it was mainly a mom's meeting while the kids ran around and played.  This week (sorry no pictures) we got back into doing our co-op activities.
We started off with music time.  Singing time is who we will call Ms. L's time.  We reviewed a song from last year "The Best of Friends" from Disney's "The Fox and the Hound."  I was very impressed with how much the kids remembered.  Then we got into a couple of Halloween songs to learn: "I'm a Mean Old Witch" and "There's No Such Thing as a Witch."  They are both fun songs and the kids enjoyed them. 
After singing time we moved on to Art.  Ms. J and Ms. N are in charge of art.  The kids were able to paint a "stained glass" butterfly.  They are currently all on top of a bookshelf drying until next week when we will put ribbon on them for the kids to hang in windows, or around their necks. 
Last of all today we did PE. I am in charge of PE. I pulled out my parachute (a gift from last Christmas) and had some parachute fun.  First I taught the kids how to get on the ground with the parachute flat, then on the count of 3 we all stood up and raised the parachute above our heads, then back down to the ground.  After they had mastered the raising and lowering of the parachute we added in the piece de resistance.  I called out two kids' names and when we raised the parachute those two children had to run under the parachute and switch places.  It was a lot of fun.  I can't wait to have more parachute fun!!!  I also plan on teaching the kids jump rope, four square, yoga, and red rover.
Ms. A does a story time.  We didn't do story time this week. We are a very haphazard co-op, in that the only "subject" we really do every week is music time. Some weeks we get all the subjects in and that's great, and some days we just let the kids play and socialize with each other.  Most weeks are a combo 2-3 subjects.  It's all great fun. 
As with last year we will be trying to do a field trip once a month and will have class parties to celebrate holidays and birthdays.  We are adding in a show and tell week each month this year.  I love my co-op!!!  My ladies are the BEST!  Here's to a great year of co-op on the horizon!!

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Nana said...

I think this is wonderful. It sounds like great fun.