Friday, September 2, 2011

A look back at our week

We "waded" into school this week.  We started with our back to school bash on Monday where we had a special breakfast of French Toast, Juice, and Yogurt.  Then we made a height wall downstairs in our laundry room to track how tall the kids are each year.  We made name tracers for the kids to practice writing their names.  We made an art wall (below) for the kids to display their art work.  We also looked at all our new school books and talked about how school was going to work.
 Tuesday, we started in with doing 1/3 of our school work.  Wednesday we had our free day, since it will be co-op day starting next week.  Wednesday was AWFUL!!!!!  We will NOT be having another non structured school day for a LONG time.  They were whiney, they fought more, and every 5 minutes I heard "when will my friends be home from school?!?!?"  Thursday we did 2/3s of our school work.  Today, Friday, we did all of our school subjects.  The week was a great sucess!!!  Bring on full time school starting next week!
 Here's Marissa doing her math.  Isn't she happy?!?!?!  She started coloring the pictures very elaborately with multiple colors (if you click the pic you might be able to see how her first 2 fish at the top of the page are rainbow colored).....she quickly figured out that it would take her FOREVER to color the whole page that way and started coloring less elaborately. 
 Here's Trent doing a pattern block activity.  (Ignore the junk mail behind  He had a lot of fun making dinosaurs, trains, sailboats, and rockets. 
 Audrey is coming right along with her piano.  (See her "nice" flat fingers?  That is thanks to the fake nails she put on.  This is why pianists don't have long nails!)  Luckily for me, after a long summer break of no piano at all, she picked right up where we left off and didn't really need a review.  She's got a real knack for playing the piano.  I can't wait to see where she is in a year from now!
And here my friends is our science experiment from today.  Can you guess what's going on?????  Ok, I'll tell you even though you probably already guessed.  We are blowing up a balloon using yeast, sugar and water.  My kids now know that yeast is alive, that it eats the sugar, then "burps" out air bubbles which blow up the balloon.
What did babykins do during all of this?  She played with toys (mobiles, play mat, bouncer, and swing), ate (my kids like it when she eats because they get a mini break from schooling), napped, got held while kids did work, and got played with by everyone in this house....especially when children were supposed to be doing OTHER things.  LOL
Hope you enjoyed the peek at our week!!!  We had a good time.  I think school is going to be great this year. 


Nana said...

Sounds like a great week.

Lynette said...

Woohoo!! :) Looks productive and fun! I like reading about your homeschool week. It really encourages me to follow through with my plans -- so please keep it up and I'll keep my blog up, too! :) :)