Friday, August 26, 2011

Next Week's Plan

This week went really well over at our house. We managed to get back into some semblance of a routine and had a lot of fun along the way. I kept the week low key and mainly focused on getting the kids used to routine days again.
Now on to next week!!! The plan:
Monday: Have a back to school bash! We are going to have a special breakfast, make a height wall to track how much the kids grow each year, make display areas for each of the kids to display work they are proud of (rather than on my fridge), make name tracers for the kids to practice writing their names each day, and introduce the kids to their new curriculum and school schedule.

Tuesday: Start working up to our full routine. We'll get up and get dressed, and clean bedrooms then have breakfast. After we clean up breakfast we'll do our morning devotional then do workboxes 1-4.

Wednesday: Is our day off/fun day. If we have gotten our art, PE, and music appreciation kits yet we'll start on those. If not, it will just be a complete day off, as starting on September 7th wednesdays will be co-op day.

Thursday: Do everything from Tuesday as well as add in boxes 5-7.

Friday: Do everything from Tuesday and Thursday plus add in boxes 8-10. Friday will be our first day doing our FULL routine. It will set us up for our first full week of school that will start September 5th.
Now the question will it all REALLY turn out?


Lynette said...

Look at you, you crazy-blogging-woman you!! :) :) :) I'm loving reading YOUR blog, too! :) :)

Nana said...

You should keep copies of your blog. It's just like keeping a diary. I wish I'd kept more of the details about my kids as they were growing up. Memory gets fuzzy. Of course, there some of the hard parts that I'd just as soon forget. Love ya.

Tracy Giles said...

I'm loving your posts too! A good friend of mine, who just stopped homeschooling her kids, has tons of supplies she wants to give me. Her kids are older and wanted to go to high school. I'm excited to get together with her to see what she has.

Shelly said...

Go for it Tracy! It will get you so excited to start the journey for yourself!