Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sidewalk Paint!

One of our activities for our first week of school was to do sidewalk paint. I put cornstarch and some food coloring drops in each cup, then headed outside on the grass with a water bottle, a spoon, and 3 paintbrushes to mix up our paint.

Here it is in all its colorful glory!!! Some of the colors didn't come out the color I was shooting for, but I wasn't anal enough to go and fix them. The kids had fun trying to predict what color the paint would be when we mixed each cup.

I made all the kids put on clothes that I wouldn't mind getting ruined, since I didn't know if they would get paint all over their clothes and if they did if it would EVER wash out.
We had 3 different sized paintbrushes to use. The largest one worked the best for this activity. The kids rotated brushes every 5 minutes.
Most of our painting was just lines, blobs, and running around the driveway with a very saturated brush and letting it drip and dribble all over the cement.

In the end, each girl actually painted SOMETHING.

Marissa painted a transformer (top) and Audrey painted a rainbow (bottom). We had a fun time and this occupied a good chunk of our morning.


Lynette said...

I didn't realize you could make your own sidewalk paint! Thank you for the idea! :) :) I do wonder, though, if I can do that where we live...If it takes a really long time to come off the cement, the owners and our neighbors may not be too thrilled... :)

Shelly said...

Good news washes right off just like sidewalk chalk!!!!

Curtis & Elise said...

Does it wash out of clothes too? Sounds like fun!

Shelly said...

I don't know if it washes out of clothes Elise...that's why I had them all wear clothes I didn't CARE about getting ruined. As it so happens, none of the kids even GOT the paint on their clothes so I STILL don't know. lol.