Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suppose it's time to post again.

So, I WAS going to do a really cute post about how Trent and his twin friends Jason and Tyler got into trouble the other day but I just didn't get the pictures taken and loaded like I wanted to. So here is what happened essentially. Tyler, Jason, and Trent managed to push our little picnic table over to the big table one night right after dinner. Dinner hadn't been cleared yet because of the arrival of Tyler, Jason, and their brother Matthew. I had left for ward council and Ben was watching all 6 kids. Needless to say, he found the boys with the picnic table up to the big table, Trent was ON the table IN the Lasagna!!!! What a goof ball. He climbs on everything!
Other than that....lets see. Marissa has a viral infection that has landed us with a nebulizer to use on her for the next while until she's better. Luckily it hadn't turned into pneumonia.
Audrey had a cute Christmas presentation and party at School today. Ben went to see it since I didn't want to take Marissa out of the house just yet. He video taped it on his blackberry for me though so that I can see it. I need a camcorder I've just
I'm excited for Christmas to come next week! YAY!! I love Christmas! Ben has been taking presents to work and wrapping them there. I'll just add bows and we'll be good to go! Anyway, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!


Matchbox Mom said...

Merry Christmas to the insane asylum!!! haha!

Tag and Tracy said...

I always love your updates . . . very entertaining!