Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can I Hire a Maid?

Have you ever noticed that life is always worse when you're sick? Of COURSE you have. However, as many of you will attest to, it's even worse when you're the mom!!! You can't just let yourself be sick and not do anything. Children still need to be fed and clothed. They still need to be bathed and taken care of. And have you noticed that all the whining seems worse when you're sick? Whine for this, whine for that. And on top of all that you feel like such a putz because the house is falling in shambles around you because you have absolutely no energy or desire to clean it. Worst yet, is that the culprit is just a stupid, old, ordinary cold!!! Bleck!!! LOL. I'm done ranting now.

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AdriAnne said...

I totally get where you are coming from, even though they aren't my own kids, it's still hard to even want to do anything at all! I have very little motivation/energy to do much of anything. Hope we both get to feeling better quick!