Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to School

Today started us back to school after a month long break in December.  It was a good day, but did not go completely as planned. 
1) We started our new calendar notebooks (from here).  I am very excited about them since we are SO bad at doing calendar activities!  I added a telling time page, a money page, and a name tracing page since we're really bad about getting those in too.  They went over really well and the kids were excited for them.  I forgot to get my play money last week though, so we didn't do the money page and it took us longer than expected due to it being the first day using them and having to fill out the calendar for January. 
2)  The neighborhood kids don't go back to school until tomorrow so I let Audrey off the hook a little bit.  She had to do Math, Reading, Handwriting, and Spelling but I didn't make her do Piano, Typing, or Faith in God. 
3) Trent was VERY excited to get back to doing school.  It was fun to watch how happy he was to do his school again. 
4) Taking a month break from addition helped Marissa a lot.  She did much better today on her activity than she had done on ANY assignment from November!  Just a little time works wonders.
5) I am VERY glad I didn't start up my music students today and decided to wait until NEXT week.  It's been a good but hectic day as the kids and I get back into the swing of routine. 

It's going to be a good last half of the year.

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I love your blog.