Sunday, January 22, 2012

A GREAT find!!!

I am SO excited!  I just found an AWESOME English/Grammar curriculum.  You know what?  It was FREE, and it's LDS based!!!  Now, tell me that's not the find of the century! 
While browsing on one of my favorite homeschool sites (here) I noticed in her "Year 3," (or basically 3rd grade) she had her own english curriculum.  I have NOT enjoyed our current curriculum as it is SO BORING!  I contaced the owner and was directed to her yahoo group where I could download ALL 4 levels of her curriculum for free!!!! 
This curriculum is the best.  It covers:
Copy work/Handwriting in almost every lesson
Memorization of poems, scriptures, and quotes
Gramma lessons
Note Taking
and Public speaking.
I started it with Audrey last week and I loved the very first lesson.  The quote from the first lesson is
"I am; I can; I ought; I will."  Charlotte Mason.  This has become my new phrase for Audrey. 
I'm happy with this curriculum so far, although Audrey is not too happy with how much more intense it is than our previous curriculum. 

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