Thursday, November 6, 2008

Does this sound familiar???

6:30am Hubby's alarm goes off. Roll over and try not to feel guilty about getting up to start the day.
7am Hear the rustlings of little children in the next room and get out of bed because you KNOW you're not going to stay there much longer.
7:30am Feel like making a nice yummy breakfast, then settle on cold cereal because it's easier.
8am Try to dress the squirmy squiggly baby, the tantruming two year old who has to do it herself, and the 5 year old that has decided her arms don't work any more and she need you to help her get dressed.
8:15am Start cleaning up breakfast then have to go take care of the screaming baby that the 2 year old has decided makes a good horse.
8:30am Go back to cleaning up breakfast and starting chores for the day. Have to stop because the kids are fighting over a toy.
9am Pack the kids up to run errands and take 5 year old to school
9:30 am Return home and put the baby down for a nap. Think it will be a great time to get back to chores, but 2 year old INSISTS on playing outside instead.
10am YET again, try to get chores done, only to have to stop and turn on the TV for said 2 year old.
11am Finally manage to get the dishes UNLOADED from the night before!
11:30am Pack up kids again and go get 5 year old from school.
11:45am Return home and make lunch
12pm Find that the baby has squashed mac and cheese all over himself and needs a bath, or at least a SERIOUS wiping down.
12:30pm Try to get the dishes LOADED into the dishwasher. Stop as baby makes a break for the pet food. Distract baby.
1pm Settle two unwilling children down for naps after cries of "DRINK!" and "Teep Me!!" (interpreted as sleep with me."
1:15pm Put movie in for 5 year old and take a few moments for yourself, because you KNOW you're not going to get another chance. Perhaps hop in the shower, BY YOURSELF, and perhaps, heaven forbid, SHAVE YOUR LEGS!!!
2pm Attempt the whole chore thing again and FINALLY manage to get the dishes loaded and some laundry into the dryer. Find that 2 oldest children have made an "obstacle course" out of EVERYTHING in the family room. Sigh and decided to wait until Dad gets home to tackle that one.
3pm Kids wake up from nap. Give kids a snack.
3:45pm Daddy arrives home and we should HALLELUIAH!!! (How IS that spelled???)
4pm Turn children over to daddy and make dinner. Children come whining to YOU even though Daddy is apparently available and not busy. Tell children to talk to Daddy about it.
5pm Get dinner on the table and sit down to eat.
5:30pm THINK about cleaning up dinner. PERHAPS get around to it, IF there is enough motivation and time.
6pm Spend some family time
7pm Get kids in the bathtub. Reenter the bathroom after taking baby out to get on pjs to find bathroom swamped with water. Take girls out of tub and make soak up water.
7:30pm Bedtime routine filled with, "Wait I need a drink," and "What about a snack??" comments.
8pm Put children in bed and turn out lights.
8:30pm Finally succeed in getting 2 year old to STAY in bed and GO to sleep.
8:45 pm Collapse and watch some TV while thinking about how you still have to clean up dinner. Sigh
10pm Finally finish cleaning up dinner and get ready to go to bed.
11pm Fall asleep only to hear a cry of distress from the children's room as a child has suddenly awaken to go potty.
11:15pm Go BACK to bed
2am Take wandering child back to bed
2:30am Return wandering child back to bed yet again.
3am Give up and put wandering child in bed with you, only to wake up an hour later because you are being kicked out of bed by said child.
4am Take child back to bed and wait in your own bed for any more night time visitors
4:30am Finally fall into a deep, uninterrupted sleep.
6:30am Begin again.

Is it any wonder we never feel like we get anything done?! LOL


Matchbox Mom said...

Love it! Soo true!


Jenny said...

So True SO True!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you been to spying on me:) I NEVER wonder why things don't get done:) I would NEVER wonder!
he he he

Joy said...

wow! that's some birth control. lol
It isn't really like that everyday is it? No wonder mothers are respected so much. We do more than most people in a regular day, plus the going crazy part!

The Crandall Clan said...

How true you are Michelle. Now you should try it with 5 kids. :)

I totaly get your pain. Love ya girl

Curtis & Elise said...

Wow. Totally not excited to have three kids now. Thanks Michelle! And I thought my days were bad. :)

Saunders clan said...

Hey it is a great if you get to at least shave your legs!-By the way have you been spying on me this all sounds to familiar. Ü

The Atamanczyk Family said...

You are so lucky Ben gets home at 3:45 and not 6:30-7:30! You are also lucky that you don't have to fight for over an hour every afternoon with a 7 year old about homework (all in due time of course). Life is crazy, but count your blessings!