Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There's Trouble, here in the Stephen Family, with a capital T that rhymes with D, that stands for DUDE!!! (aka Trent)
So today around lunch time Trent was acting kind of fussy. I put him in his highchair to snack on some banana while I finished getting lunch ready. We have an old-fashioned wood highchair that was mine as a baby. I got the fish sticks into the oven, checked on Trent's banana situation, and then sat down to play a little game on the computer (like 8 feet away from the highchair) while I waited for the fish to get done. A couple minutes later I heard Trent behind me jabbering to himself. So, I turned around to see if he needed more banana, and just GUESS where I found him?..........ON TOP OF THE TABLE!! He had stood up in his highchair, an easy thing to do since it doesn't have a divider between the legs like new ones do, and had crawled across his tray and onto the table!!! Lucky for me he didn't decide to climb OFF the table too!!! What a monkey! He started this whole, "I'm going to stand up in my highchair" thing yesterday. I had to keep making him sit down. So after I found him on the table I returned him to the highchair and buckled him in, hoping that would keep him in place. The buckle on the highchair is just one I put on myself. It's not the greatest. It seemed to do the trick, at least for now..........I wonder how long it will be before he figures how to get out of IT too?


Joy said...

How funny! Is he crawling or walking yet? Erik is walking almost running and he's climbing and all that fun stuff. He will be the big 1 tomorrow. I'm excited. TTYL

Jenny said...

Oh my!! What are you thinking DUDE?? What a monkey. He is so CUTE anyway. Glad he didnt get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! What a climber! I can't believe how that kid gets around!!! What a cute guy!