Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Fun

What is Fall without big piles of leaves? My kids LOVE leaves. They think they're the greatest thing about the yard right now. Here's Rissa in all her leafy cuteness.
How about an Audrey Makenna Cheesy grin?
Trent likes the leaves too. Can you tell?The kids had fun crawling through, leaping into, and throwing the leaves.
Even Ben got into the fun and let the kids bury him.

Ok, so I KNOW Halloween isn't until tomorrow night. However, it was Audrey's school party today and my parents were leaving and wanted pics of the kids in costume, so I decked them all out a day early and took pictures.
Red, U of U????
Blue, BYU?????
I feel so conflicted. Let the Ref decide!!!
Hehe, hope you enjoyed our theme this year!


The Crandall Clan said...

I wish the leaves would change here and fall. Good luck right??? I love the coustoms for the kids. Who got the say on which girl wore which outfit. Poor Rissa. Hehehe


Ally Mack said...

ok the idea sounded funny, but the real thing is even better!! They look great!! I wish they could come trick-or-treating to my door I would have to give extra candy for the great idea. hope you have a fun night. Post some more pictures. We got Jenner a little Dino costume. ha ha I can't wait.

Amy E said...

Love the costume theme!! Very cute idea. We're not doing any theme this year (last year it was Wizard of Oz), but I always see others doing it and wish I had too. Eloise wanted to be a witch and Lydia wanted to be a pink dog. Whatever, as long as they're happy. They can't wait to go out tonight! Our city does two days of t-o-t, so last night we handed out candy. The girls had fun. Anyway, after tonight I'll post some pics of my girls as well. Cute family you have, Shelly! Can't wait to see you!

Shelly said...

Kristie, to answer the question, we already had the U of U dress from Audrey's 3rd b-day. Ben's mom got it for her. We already had the white onesie for Trent and just put electrical tape stripes on it. The only thing we bought was Audrey's BYU dress.

Oh, and Amy....I figured I'd better do themes now while I can make the kids excited about whatever I want them to be!! LOL. I don't know if I'll get away with it again since Audrey is getting older and more opinionated.

The Atamanczyk Family said...

I love the costumes, that is to cute!!!

THE GREEN MandMS said...

So cute cant wait to dress Emma up. Leaves are great fun. I mean to play in. I don't like to rake them and pick them up.

Jenny said...