Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Ham

Marissa can sometimes be one crazy lady...kid...whatever. Here is one of her latest escapades documented in picture. I was going through all the 3T clothes to pull out the winter clothes for her and she found the black tights. Next, I wanted to figure out which snow gear we needed for her this year, the 2T or the 3T. I had her come over to me to try on the 2T snow suit and coat. She willingly got INTO them, and then refused to take them off. So she ran around the basement, looking like a snowbeast (in snow suit, coat and boots), running into things, and spinning around until she fell into a padded lump on the floor. It was 80+ degrees outside at the time by the way. THEN she decided she just HAD to have the black tights on. She came over to me and made me take off all the snow gear to put the tights on. However, she did not want the tights on UNDER her shorts, she wanted them on OVER her shorts. She then proceeded to put the boots back on. At this point I just HAD to run upstairs and tell Ben to go check out Marissa, and it wouldn't hurt if he took the camera with him. Puzzled, Ben went downstairs. When he saw her dancing around in this get-up, while Audrey played the keyboard, I could hear him laughing all the way upstairs. He snapped a coule pics of her for teenage blackmailing purposes. So here she is in all her silliness, posing for Ben, with her black cotton tights OVER her shorts, giving her a ghetto booty, and snow boots. Crazy kid. She makes me laugh, too bad we didn't get a pic in all the snow gear too.


Anonymous said...

What a goof ball! She was so fun over here today! I am glad I could watch her for a little bit. She really is silly! Cute...but silly!:)

Amy E said...

I love the silly things kids do... it makes up for the times they practically drive you to the nuthouse with naughty things, etc. I'm glad you got a pic of that. And by the way, you HAVE seen Lydia...if I've seen Marissa, you've seen Lydia, since Lydia is older. Right??