Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Scissor Fairy Strikes Again

I swear we have a naughty scissor fairy in our home. The scissor fairy struck again on Saturday for the 5th(!!!) time. The scissor fairy attacked on Saturday morning. It was a peaceful morning until, BAM!!! Chaos broke loose. The fairy found a new victim this time however and went for Marissa's hair instead of Audrey's. The scissor fairy has already attacked Audrey 4 times, twice drastically so, and twice not so noticeably. This attack was a drastic attack. Audrey claims she did not see the scissor fairy, though all signs point to her knowing more than she lets on, about said fairy. Despite drastic hair cuts, a couple spankings, other various consequences, the hiding of all scissors for months, and the overhanging threat of a head shaving should the fairy ever return, that naughty little fairy still could not resist the hypnotic pull of Marissa's auburn ringlets. Let me show you the results of said scissor fairy's handiwork this time. (Sorry if the pics aren't really clear, we had a hard time getting Marissa go hold still for some good shots)
This is what Mariss'a pigtails looked like BEFORE the attack. Nice, long, and curly.

This is what became of her pigtail after the scissor fairy attacked.

And here is Marissa's short, pixie hair cut that was necessary after the naughty fairy had her way with Marissa's hair.

So I had made the classic parenting mistake of threatening a punishment I had no desire to fulfill. I was hoping the THREAT of shaving her head would keep Audrey from cutting hair anymore. Alas, it did not work, and just as she was on the verge of getting said shaving done that night she saved her sister from a nasty cut on the head while in the bathtub. So, I had my way out, but we know the next time will have to be something very drastic to keep her from ever doing a hair cutting session again.


bkjcrandall said...

Well Michelle look at it this way. You can still put Marissas hair into SHORT begining pigtails.
;] I can't believe how much they actually cut off. Kaycee and Maddy better NEVER do that to there hair. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Matchbox Mom said...

hahaha! I'm sorry. I can't help but to laugh. Maybe she'll be a cosmetologist and you will have free hair do's the rest of your life...hmmm. Some food for thought!!