Monday, September 15, 2008

Beware of reading other people's blogs, You might get tagged. Thanks Cicily

i am: 29, a wife, a mom, the primary president, and primary pianist
i think: about too much, all the time.
i know: that God always has a reason for everything, but whether or not we know what it is is the question
i want: to make enough money to not live paycheck to paycheck
i dislike: Lima beans....YUCK!!!!
i miss: my friend Kristie and brother Donald in Texas
i fear: seconding Cicily, loosing my husband or kids
i feel: overwhelmed by clutter in my house
i hear: the lovely sounds of children....well not really. Trent is napping and the girls are playing downstairs
i smell: Nothing, but I WISH I was smelling fresh baked bread that I didn't have to bake
i crave: Slurpees!!!!!
i cry: less now than when I'm pregnant. I finally understood how someone could cry over diaper commercials!!!
i usually: have to make dinner, and I HATE making dinner all the time
i search: for the kids' loveys at least once a day
i wonder: when Ben will get a raise.
i regret: Not being more social in high school
i love: my family, my friends, and the Gospel (de-ja-vu huh Cic.)
i care: (sorry cic, gotta steal your answer again cuz it's SO true) way too much about what people think about me
i always: feel like I clean and clean all the time and never accomplish anything
i worry: about Ben losing his job
i am not: losing much weight even though I've been walking daily (gggrrrrr)
i remember: playing jumprope every day at recess
i believe: that SOME day life will make sense
i dance: Only when under great duress, or crazily with the girls in the front room to the Tarzan soundtrack
i sing: in the shower, at church, in the car, at home, anywhere really. However I do NOT randomly burst into song in public places like a musical.
i don’t always: like myself
i argue: rarely, but when I really feel strongly about something LOOK OUT.
i write: lots and lots of lists.....I'm a list-a-holic.
i win: Nothing I ever WANT to win. Like that HD TIVO they were giving away on the Ellen show. I WISH I could win one of those.
i lose: my sanity most days of the week
i wish: I were more like my friend Kristie.
i listen: To music to give me energy enough to clean
i don't understand: why kids have to ask "What?" a million times when you ask them to do something.
i can usually be found: at home, because I have no life really
i am scared: of falling off high places and getting in car wrecks in the snow
i need: my friends to help me feel better about myself.
i forget: to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner all the time
i am happy: to have all the blessings I DO have right now.
i tag: Amy and Elise specifically, plus anyone else that thinks it might be fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

CUTE! You are a great person! I love it!

The Crandall Clan said...

Hey add me to your blog.


Tag and Tracy said...

We have so much in common :) Oh, and about the gymnastics class, they are super cheap at the rec center down the street from us. Check out your local rec center and see how much they are. We asked all grandparents to help pitch in for Lily to take some classes there this year instead of buying birthday presents. To my surprise the grandparents actually listened to this request and we were able to get Lily a few classes. By the way, I always forget to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner :) Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Matchbox Mom said...

Awww...cute!! I love it! My kids ask 'why??' a million times...glad i'm not the only one.