Friday, January 25, 2013

What? We did school this week?!?

First a little humor....Bree had decided to emulate Scar from "the Lion King."  Apparently chocolate chips work well as face paint. 
 We actually DID school this week.  It was awesome!!!!  All was well until Friday (today) when Audrey got sick.  Luckily everyone else has had it. 
We have been studying rocks in science.  My parents, unknowingly, provided us with a perfect science experiment for our current unit.  They gave the kids a crystal growing kit for Christmas.  So we grew our crystals this week and this was the result.  The crystals grew on rocks provided in the kits.  Trent's, the yellow on the left, lost most of it's crystals from the rock while extracting it from the container.  Luckily we had some stuck to the bottom of the rock!!!  Marissa's, the blue in the center, worked the best.  It has crystals all over it!  Audrey's, the green on the right, grew a few crystals on the rock, but the whole bottom of the container got covered with crystals that came out with the rock.  It made a whole sheet of crystal.  Pretty cool.
 In history we learned about George Washington's young years.  So of course we learned about the story (true or no, it's still a good story) of the Cherry Tree.  Here are my kids with their trees. 
We also did our other subjects that aren't so fun to take pictures of.  Math, English, Reading, Geography, ect.  All in all it was a good week. 

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