Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back to Reality

After such a crazy Christmas, including our 18 month old spending it at Primary Children's Medical Center, things are slowing down.  Our New Year's celebration was fun, spending the night at our friend's and playing games for hours.  I am now ready to get back into the normal swing of things though. 
Monday will mark our first day back into reality. 
Ben will be going back to full time work and night school 4 nights a week.  It makes for a crazy week for mom, but luckily I have some sanity savers to help until Ben is done with schooling. 

The kids will be hopping back into full time schooling.

I will be trying to use my spare time more productively.  Our goal is to have no media (unless it is a school assignment) until after dinner every day.  I am not cutting it completely out, because with Ben at school most nights, being able to sit and watch TV or play the computer in the evening is helping me keep my sanity. 

Here's to a new year and the improvements that will (hopefully) come with it!!!!

My New Year's resolutions:
Teach Bree and Trent to be more obedient by being consistent.
Build a better relationship with Marissa to inspire honesty and confidences from her.
Teach Audrey to sew.
Use my free time more productively.
Attend the Temple at least 4 times.

What are your goals for the coming year?

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Lynette said...

We're starting Monday, too! I'm so ready to get back into school. We've had a lot of TV over the break and I'm honestly sick of it. :) I decided that TV will be for the weekends only when school is in session. I'm hoping we can get a lot of school done during the week so that by the weekend, we are ready to relax, you know? And I don't blame you for needing an "out" with Ben in school and working...I have done the put-the-kids-to-bed-by-myself-thing for quite a few years, so I totally know how you feel. :)