Saturday, September 22, 2012

What I learned this week

Homeschooling my kids gives me the opportunity to resdiscover lost interests, revel in things I loved as a child (and some that I still science experiments), re-do those subjects I struggled with or did not like as a child, and learn new things alongside my kids.  Here are 3 things I learned this week while teaching my children:
1. The Americas were named after Amerigo Vespucci who was the first person to realize that this mass of land Columbus had found was not Asia, but a completely seperate continent. 
2.  The first hamburger in America was served in Connecticut. 
3.  Coca-cola and Peanut butter were invented in Georgia. 

Did you learn anything new this week?


Nana said...

I'm learning how to use an iphone and an ipad. I love your blog. I learn so many things here that we don't talk about when we visit. It makes me part of the adventure.

Lynette said...

I learned that exercise and good sleep are necessary and important if I want to function outside of homeschooling. I'm tired, Shelly!!! :)