Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Week

This week started off with lots of fun. 
Sunday brought Ben's parents to celebrate Audrey's 9th birthday. 
Monday brought a BBQ with some friends. 
Tuesday brought a homeschool holiday for us, as we celebrated Audrey's 9th Birthday.  My parents came up to join us.
Audrey at her Birthday Party with one of her presents.
Wednesday - Friday brought us back to schooling where we learned about Columbus, made Telescopes, did science experiments, and painted our own planets in addition to math, reading, and writing. 
Trent and his Telescope

Marissa's planet earth

What did you do this week? 


Nana said...

I love reading your blog! This week I finished reading John Adams by David McCullough.

Lynette said...

More pictures! More pictures! ; Looks like you're having fun over there!