Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

We're halfway through my week of full cloth diapering.  Here are my thoughts:1)  Pee cloth diapers are JUST AS EASY as disposables.
2) Poopy cloth diapers take more effort and there IS the gross out factor of having to clean them in the toilet.  It takes more time to do so, and for me, rubber gloves are a MUST.  If I decide to switch completely I will invest in a diaper sprayer as well.
3) I go through approximatly 6 cloth diapers a day, and 2 disposables (for bedtime and out of the house).   I am thinking that next week I will use cloth exclusively with the rare exception of a LONG trip out of the house. 
4) Doing the laundry isn't hard at all.  At the end of the day I simply dump all the diapers that need to be washed into the washer when the kids are going to bed.  Then, when I check on the kids before I go to bed I take them out of the washer and hang them over a basket to dry.  Easy peasy.
5) Cloth diapers can be so CUTE!!!!  For me, personally, the drawback of poop is cancelled out by how ADORABLE the cloth can be.  Although I never would have known this if I hadn't tried them out.  If I switch I will be buying some really cute diapers to make me smile.
6) Since today was church, another pro for cloth diapering popped up.  If I used cloth diapers I wouldn't have to open the stinky diaper pail at church to put used diapers in when I change Bree at church!!  That thing REEKS!!! 
7) The big question I have is: If I switch, should I go with more pocket diapers (like the bum genius I already have) or get some covers and inserts/prefolds. 

So, to anyone considering switching I say this: GIVE IT A TRY!!!  It really hasn't been hard and you get a sense of accomplishment when you see your stack of cloth diapers all clean and waithing to be put on your baby.  And come on....what's cuter than THIS:


Marcy said...

I use mostly Kawaii pockets, with prefolds for stuffing them. I also have some covers I use with prefolds at tours. I like the idea of covers because you can reuse them throughout the day, alternating between 2 covers, as ling ad no poop gets on it. I leave one out to air out on the dresser until the next diaper change.

Zoo Keeper Mom said...

I wish I could see the photo. It did not work for me, but maybe that is just me?