Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week off school doesn't mean off work

We have hit our first scheduled week long break of our school year!!!  Yay!!  Around here we don't do 3 day weekends like the public schooled kids.  Why?  Because Ben always has to work them and they're just another day around here.  So I scheduled week long breaks about every 5-6 weeks throughout the school year.  Yesterday started the first break, but is it really a break?  This week off of school is being used for chore training.  I am working on training the kids to do the chores the way I WANT them done.  I made up check lists and everything.  Today's focus?  How to pick up a room.  All of the children participated since all of them have at least ONE room they are in charge of to pick up.  Audrey has the TV side of the family room, Marissa has the front room and toy side of the family room.  Trent has his bedroom.  Other chores on the docket are the toilet, sink, tub, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, clearing and washing the table to name a few. 
I will not excpect the children to execute their chores perfectly without guidance and adult support yet....well Audrey will be expected to, but not the others. 
We'll see how THIS plan goes..... 


Lynette said...

Yay for time off!! We've been doing less school than I planned, leading up to the baby, but I figure, like you, that if we get reading and math in, it's all good! :) You reminded me how much I have slacked off with jobs around here. It's hard to keep things going, but so important! Otherwise you have to re-teach how to clean/pick up and who wants to keep doing that?? So thank you for the reminder. I have some work to do!! I hope your "off" week goes well and I'll be seeing you tomorrow!

Nana said...

What makes you think that this "Education Week" is any less valuable?