Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Taking a page from my friends book, she said that the more people who know about your resolutions, the more likely you are to keep them. So here, for all the world to see, is our family's resolutions for 2009.
1. Ben and Shelly will attend the Temple AT LEAST Quarterly.
2. The front room will be picked up every night before bed so that at least ONE room in the house is clean in the morning.
3. Audrey will learn to stop sucking her thumb during the day.
4. Marissa will learn how to fall asleep easily in her own bed and learn how to STAY in her own bed all night long (at least MOST of the time).
5. Trent will get his own room and move out of the girls' room. This will require a MASSIVE rearranging of the house, but needs to be done.

Now, it is the job of all that read this to REMIND me of my goals and make sure they get accomplished!! Don't you wish you hadn't read this post now?


Marcy said...

I KNEW there was a reason I wasn't supposed to stalk your blog!!! lol These seem like doable resolutions...I like them!!! Good luck!

Matchbox Mom said...

oh haha! You're so funny! Good ones...I've resolved not to make any resolutions..haha!

Love you! Hope today went well!


Tracy Giles said...

I think those are great! We just started working on Lily staying in bed at night for the tenth time. Finally, she pushed me too far. She got out of bed probably 4 times about 5 nights ago. The entire next day, anytime she wanted to do something, I got over dramatic and said, "I just don't have any energy, I'm so tired today because you got out of bed last night and woke me up." She experienced the most boring day of her life and since has stayed in bed. She wasn't too fond of my theatrics as well. We haven't had a problem in a week. I was pretty tough on her though. When she asked if she could watch TV, I told her I was just too tired. When she asked if I would help her color, I responded by being too tired. It went on all day like that. Hopefully it will continue to work. We'll see! If it doesn't I might be coming to you for some ideas. GOOD LUCK!!!!