Monday, August 11, 2008

The Vortex of Doom, and My New Toy

Ok, so the vortex of doom is ticking me off!!! You know that mysterious place where all the missing socks go?? Well, it's sucked up my umbrella stroller AND Marissa's blanket. Seriously. It's annoying. To be truthful, I think someone stole the umbrella stroller, which must have meant they needed it MUCH more than I, but it had two chinese jumpropes in the back bag, and THAT I'm ticked off about being stolen. The blanket however is seriously gone without a trace. I've combed the entire house looking for it. Inside and Out. I've checked in cupboards, under beds, in all the toy drawers, the closets, EVERYWHERE I can think of and I can't find that blanket. Marissa's going to go ballistic if it's gone for more than this naptime. I'm lucky I got her to sleep without it right now....what am I going to do at bedtime if I can't find it?!?!??!?!?!? So, if anyone knows the whereabouts of either the blanket, or the vortex of doom, please inform me so that I don't go any more insane than I already am!!
Now, on to my new toy. I scored. Big Time!! The family down the street is moving to California where her husband is stationed as an interpreter for the army (?). Anyway, they didn't want to take the piano with them since it's a BIG piano so they GAVE, yes GAVE as in for FREE, me the piano!!! I know, I can't believe it either. So Ben and I rearranged the house and put the TV downstairs so that there was room for my new toy!! I LOVE my piano. All in all, I guess it cost about $300 dollars in the end to move it and have it tuned but that was so worth it. I play it every day and I'm REALLY excited to have it during Christmas because that's my favorite time of year to play. So, here's a picture of my newest acquisition. Oh, and if anyone knows someone who wants piano lessons let me know. I'm serious. I'm trying to get 3-4 students to help out with money.


Jenny said...

I hope you find the blanket!! Nice piano. If you find out where the doom place is let me know.

The Atamanczyk Family said...

You lucky girl that is so cool!!

Suzanne Vincent said...

YAY!!! (on the piano)

Good luck finding Blankie!