Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It was the "triplets", in the Kitchen, with the Table

Ben saw this in the draft.  If Shelly posted it, great.  The story bears repeating.  If not, that's OK.  This story happened back in December of 2009.  

I know, you're just DYING to know what THIS one is about. LOL. First, let me set the scene. I was headed out to ward council meeting. Ben agreed to watch our friends kids (1 preschooler, and 1 set of twins). Ben was the only adult.

The Culprits: Do not be deceived by their innocent looking faces. They are guilty as charged. Meet the "triplets" as I call them when I watch the kids. Trent (11 months old) Tyler (13 months old) and twin Jason (13 months old).

The Weapon: This picnic table resides in our kitchen. It facilitates in seating children when we have friends over. IT became the weapon of mass destruction last night.

The Crime: Micheviousness and general Upheaval.

So, here's what happened. The "triplets" were alone in the kitchen. The cat food was up and the floor was swept. What damage could they do? Well, the little boys somehow pushed the picnic table over against the dining room table. Don't ask how, nobody is quite sure how they did it. Whereupon, Trent proceeded to climb onto the picnic table. He did not stop there though. I'm sure he was being routed on by Jason while Tyler stood by saying "uh-oh", which I have determined is his favorite word. However, Trent did not stop there because there were higher places to climb. Trent then climbed up onto the dining room table and into.......this.

Yes, that is last night's left-over lasagna. It was still on the table at the time. Ben found Trent sitting IN the lasagna!!! He pulled him out, but his pajamas were a mess. And all of this AFTER Ben had just gotten him OUT of the bath from cleaning him up from his OWN serving of Lasagna!!! Oh, those boys....what will they come up with next.

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