Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good Intentions

I have been reading Chalotte Mason's works over the last couple of months.  One of the things I have learned while reading her works is that, just as "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," my life is full on good intentions but very little execution. 
I am WONDERFUL at making plans, writing lists, and coming up with new ideas for my life.  EXECUTING those intentions though is a completely different matter.  However, if I never put my intentions into practice I don't get anywhere.  I am still sitting idly by, writing lists and making plans rather than LIVING them. 
Charlotte Mason stresses habit building a lot.  She talks about how to build good habits in ourselves and in our children.  One point that hits dead center to my life, is that if we are not actively cultivating GOOD habits we are, by default, cultivating bad ones. 
Oh, I have so many bad habits!!!!  So many things that need to be improved in myself so that my children can improve their own bad habits.  It is so very true that the faults you find in others are most likely faults you have yourself.  The bad habits that my children exhibit truly are a mirror of my own bad habits. 
There is hope though!!!  If I can just work on one habit at a time over the course of a few weeks to months I can build at least 6 good habits in a year!  I can build these in myself and my children, starting with habits that we all struggle with.  I must improve myself as well if I hope to improve my children. 
So, here's to building better habits and becoming better people!


Lynette said...

Amen and "hear! hear!"

Nana said...

Rock on!