Friday, December 3, 2010

Ben here. One of my favorite
memories is when Nana, Pa, and my
family went to the Gateway and Roo got to choose a new puppy and make her just like she wanted her. Here is a picture of her "washing" her puppy before we went to choose clothing for it. I remember that even though Audrey was not supposed to get one, Nana and Pa gave in and Audrey ended up with one, too. It was a fun day. I can't remember if this was Pre Trent time or barely post Trent. I just remember the smile it made on her face that day.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that day. It was alot of fun. As I remember it, Trent got a stuffed animal too. It was a bear I think, in a Cub Scout shirt.
I'm glad you have pictures to save the memory. Love, Nana