Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update, Update, who's got the Update?

So, here's a quick run-down of all that has happened since my last post.
September 2009: Ben loses his job. A BIG blow to the whole family.

October 2009: Ben looks for a job. Ben goes to the ER for a skin infection. Ben spends a week in and out of the ER. Ben has to have surgery on the skin infection. Ben recovers. No job. We enjoy Halloween with our good friend's the Hess' and the Vincents.

November 2009: Ben looks for a job. Ben has some dead-end interviews for companies that sell cutco knives door to door and such. No job. Ben gets ANOTHER skin infection. Ben goes to Dr. to have it treated since this time it's very small. Discover Ben has type 2 diabetes, which is most likely causing the infections because his blood suger is sky high. Ben gets outfitted for diabetes maintenance (monitor and medicine). Go to Thanksgiving at my parents' house. Do a LITTLE black friday shopping. Go do dinner at Ben's parents' house on Sunday. Mom comes up to my house to help with decorating and cleaning and such.

December 2009: Ben looks for a job. We start enjoying the magic of Christmas with lots of family field trips to go sledding, look at lights, have fun with friends, visit Santa, ect. Ben GETS a job!!!! Not what we were hoping for, but it's a job! Celbrate Christmas with Ben's parents who are going to Houston to visit Ben's brother for christmas. Ben starts training. Christmas break comes (BTW Audrey and I are enjoying homeschool a TON!!!! I love teaching her!). Celebrate Christmas (sorry, no pics....I'm not good at remembering to take it let alone take photos with it). Looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with good friend's of ours and spending the night at their house. Woohoo!!

Well, that has been our life in the last few months. It's been crazy, scary, depressing, and joyful. I think we've run the gammit of emotions these last few months. I pray that things continue looking up for our little family, especially as I'm very baby hungry and would like to have baby #4 in the next year or so! We'll see what God has in store for us. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!


Melinda said...

shelly, I don't know how eles to contact you, but I found the missing link you wanted!!! Check the comments on the post, on my blog!

aninem said...

Thanks for the update! See you at the wedding! LOVES!

The A Family said...

Wow, I've been wondering how you guys were doing! Talk about parallel lives! Only we haven't had a job since June, thank goodness for piano lessons, temp jobs, and church and family helping out! And instead of diabetes Preston had a severly sprained ankle and we had both kinds of flu run through the family for three weeks. So we know how you feel! Even though times are tough we still feel blessed, I know the Lord loves you and cares about you. Hang in there!

Marcy said...

I'm glad Ben found a job and figured out why he was getting the skin infections. Good luck with everything!

Curtis & Elise said...

Congrats on Ben's new job!! I hope all turns around for the better for you now!

Tracy Giles said...

I'm so glad that Ben found a job. It sounds like you guys have had a pretty intense few months. That's great that you are enjoying home school. I hope things continue to keep getting better. Did you say you are baby hungry?? Wow, that's awesome. I'm pregnant with baby number #3 and if we aren't done having kids it will be a long time before I could think about #4. I'm kind of hoping that we are done - we'll see.