Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reconsidering Pet Ownership

GGRRRR!!!! I am SO ticked off with one of our cats. She has REALLY done it now. Let me backtrack for a minute though to give you the full idea. We have a cat, actually we have 3 cats at the moment, but one in a loaner. The particular cat I am talking about though is a 7 year old tabby cat. All was well in our life, with the cats, until Trent became mobile about 9 months ago. When Trent began to crawl he discovered KITTY LITTER! Nasty. He'd head for it all day long and I just got to the point where I couldn't keep pulling him away from it and distracting him any more so we gated the litter off so that Trent couldn't get to it anymore. Everything went well for a while.....then we went on vacation. When we came home from our vacation it was to find that our house REAKED of cat....and NOT in a good way. The cat had decided she didn't want to jump over the fence anymore and had decided that some clean laundry downstairs was a better litter box. She had pooped all over our clean clothes! We thought it was an isolated incidence, but she kept doing it! She'd find ANYTHING soft on the floor and poop on it!! Clothes, bags, dress-up dresses, towels, blankets, We couldn't leave them on the floor for fear of the cat pooping on them. It's been an ongoing problem, so we decided we needed to kick them outdoors, but I wanted to wait for it to get warm. Well, last night it was the last straw!!! We came home from Provo yesterday to find that the cat had pooped in some dirty laundry. I was mad, but we cleaned it up and put the cats outside. THEN, when I was going to bed I knelt down to say my prayers. I kept thinking it smelled bad, but that it was probably residual. Then I put out my hand, ON MY BED, mind you to push myself back to my feet and I put my hand on CAT POOP!!! I yelped and went to wash my hands, then to take care of the mess. I then found the cat and kicked her outside! She is NOT to come back in my house, because pooping on my bed is NOT ok!!!! I would seriously take her to the pound if I wouldn't feel guilty about putting her there, but seriously, if anyone knows someone who wants a cat let me know!! She's not a BAD cat, but she IS fat and lazy and won't use the litter box anymore because she has to jump the fence to get to it. GRRRRR!!! So there's my nasty story. YUCK.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, not a BAD cat. Just a cat who's fat, lazy, and not house trained. LOL! -Heidi B.

Shelly said...

Not house trained, but we were house training Trent before the gate went up. Remember that? We're going to train your son next.

The A Family said...

Oh man, I feel for you! I love animals, but I have a cat that's driving me crazy too. He peed on the carpet a lot after we moved, and we almost got rid of him then but he finally got better. He is still a pill though constantly jumping on the table to try and get the kids milk and he even jumped in the snake cage and made a big mess a couple weeks ago! I can't decide what to do either. I feel bad taking him to the pound, I mean he's not near as bad as your cat! I wouldn't blame you one bit if you took that cat to the pound, he sounds out of control!

Probably Derrill said...

Brrryanna had serious litter troubles too. She usually tried to go in the box, but her poo regularly missed. I kept a scattering of litter around the box and on we went.

Except that she peed on my bed so regularly I started covering it wit a plastic sheet every day. It finally taught me to clean up my floor, too, for fear of my homework getting peed on.

When she had to move back in with Mom and Dad because Joy and I were getting married, I'd occasionally get very similar stories to yours about what they were putting up with to care for my little girl.

Never did manage to teach her, but at least the doctor at one point discovered part of the problem: some kids had shot her with BB pellets when she was a kitten and they had been lodged in her kidney all her life. That would make proper bladder control rather difficult.