Friday, July 25, 2008

Cousins, cousins, and more Cousins.

Well, so here's the scoop on our vacation to Provo. We were in Provo, well the kids I and were, from July 2-18th. Ben was there about half the time. We went down on the 2nd and Ben and I went out for our Anniversary on the 3rd. We've now been married 7 years. Wow. We celebrated the 4th of July down in Provo with my sister Vickie and her kids, and her friends. Here's a picture of the kids at the parade. From Left to right (Back: Emma, Jacob, Katie, Joseph, Jarrett
Front: Audrey, Jayci, Parker, Jenna, Marissa) They had a fun time watching the parade and then going to our annual family picnic held at my cousins home a block away from the parade.
Later that night, my nephew and his wife came over with my sister Anine and her family to hang out. Here is a picture of Trent with his closest relative, my nephew's baby Jenner. They are 4 months apart.

On the 7th, my brother and his family came into town. We all had a great time playing and just hanging out. We went to Bridalvale falls (where Marissa broke her arm, info to come on that later), the swimming pool, played a family game of kickball, and had lots of fun going to the bakery every morning and playing games and watching movies at night. Here's some pics of our time together.
My twin nieces Jayci (left) and Jennifer, AKA Jenna (right)

Here are 3 of my nieces acting VERY silly at my nephew Adrian's b-day party. We got him Incredible Hulk cupcakes. There's Becca (left), Kim (center), and Niki (right).

Last of all here is "Baby Madie" my niece Madeleine. She is 1. She's with my mom, AKA Grandma.


Melanie said...

Anine's son ahs a kid?? Oh my, has it been that long since I was there? Wow. They all seem so little still. Although my niece just graduated from high school this year...that alwas does wonders for making you feel old!
Tell your family I say hello!

Tag and Tracy said...

I love the pictures! Madie is really cute! Looks like you guys had a great time.